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Textile display at the weekly handmade markets

March 1, 2011

My stall display at the Old Bus Depot Markets has really evolved over the last year.  I briefly used a marquee frame to display textiles on curtain rods, but thankfully that was short-lived.  I now have several custom-made display stands for my of felted and woven textiles.

My textiles stall at the markets

A large mobile display stand, made in May last year, has been a great way to show scarves and wraps of various sizes.  Rods at three heights, close to eye level, make it easier for people to see every scarf.  Long timber dowelling, each measuring 2.4 metres/ 8 feet long, rest in holes at various heights in the two sides.  There is also a generous space to store boxes and packaging in the base of the stand, out of sight.

It’s a flexible display system as it’s now summer and I am only using two rods for a limited number of my scarves and wraps.  This allows space at the bottom of the stand to display cards and other small items on the lid of the base.

A recent addition is the stand I designed for my felt vessels, shown on the table in the right of the image.  This customwood stand is for displaying various small 3D items in the round, and easily packs down flat. I like the way the structure creates little alcoves for displaying related objects together.

I have made a few more improvements to my market display.  My three female torsos on stands have skin-tight jersey sheaths in a dark blue-grey colour that seems like a good neutral colour to drape textiles of any colour on.

During last winter I used rubber-backed carpet for warmth, donated by my mother.  I’ll continue to use the carpet lengths as they help to define my stall space, and it’s nice for people to walk on.

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  1. March 16, 2012 1:27 AM

    Beautiful textiles and felt, Anne! I wish I could touch it and feel the texture. But who knows, may be I’ll see it one day. x Tatiana

  2. Anne permalink*
    April 20, 2011 10:55 PM

    Thanks very much Michelle, and thanks for letting me know about the Bus Depot newsletter too! I wasn’t aware of it.
    You did a wonderful job organising the fantastic Camp Pluckyfluff Sydney – such a fun fibre-filled weekend.
    Really glad that you’ll be at the Wool day in May too – see you then! Hugs, Anne

  3. April 20, 2011 8:08 PM

    A stand-out display for your beautiful work Anne! Congratulations on your write-up in the OBDM newsletter (April 2011)! Well deserved. I look forward to seeing you at Celebration of Wool. warm hugs, Michelle

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